Nicole Allen Massage Therapy
A healthy body is a successful body.

About the Practitioner

Name and Credentials:

Nicole Allen


Graduated from NMTI in 2007

Practice Philosophy:

Nicole believes that self-care and prevention are the keys to health. We cannot control the uncontrollable, but we can expand our awareness to ourselves.

Why I do what I do:

     Formerly of Detroit, Michigan, Nicole A.Dunkerson has been practicing massage for over 25 years. In a recent move to the Maryland area, she has brought her "healing hands" to you. Her understanding of the body is almost canny. She works in tandem with doctors, sending clients to check out any concerns and mystery pains with the experts. Showing and educating clients with self-care and stretching.

     Nicole has been practicing massage since she was 4 years old. It was always just something she did for fun. Things changed when she was 17. Nicole was in a life altering accident. The doctors told her that she would lose the use of the right side of her body and may not walk again. With the dedication of trusted doctors and a mom who was a massage therapist, Nicole is 100% and running. When she realized what it took to get better, it became a mission to help other people. Nicole believes there are no hopeless cases. Massage is a piece of a pie that is human health.


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